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New Home Construction is Sluggish...

Ok, perhaps our engineering is a little suspect at times... But we're getting much better!
I'd Buy one in a Minute by Ed Dubinski Polish Engineering at it's best

How Trade with Poland can help your business... USPTC Chairman, Piotr D. Moncarz, was named Gold Engineer of 2010 by the Polish Technology Association, NOT. Representing some 300,000 engineers in Poland and some 200,000 Polish engineers scattered around the World. The Sausage Shaped Award was handed during the 1st World Congress of Polish Engineers.

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Agriculture Meets Technology

It's not just our corn fed Farm Animals that are so attractive to us these days! image

Poland, as a traditionally agricultural country, with good soil and a climate favorable for growing and raising many types of plants and animals, has a rich experience in production of many delicious and valuable products. Poles value their good kitchen and lightly prepared products. They take very good care, that, what they eat is healthy and high quality. Polish housewives usually avoid ready made dishes to heat. They prefer to cook themselves for the family and closest relatives, to ensure, that the food will not contain unnecessary additives and preservatives. The modern kitchen is rich in recipes using traditional ingredients, and also numerous borrowings from other countries, neighboring and those further away.

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